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  • 19 Gauge (.032'') Stock Brass Valve Tags. Black filled
  • 1/4'' Top Line (Lettering) and 1/2'' Bottom Line (Numbering)
  • Sold in consecutive numbered sets of 25. Stock sets from 001 thru 400 (001-025, 026-050, 051-075, 076-100, 101-125, 126-150,etc.)
  • Prices are per set (25 tags). Order complete sets Only.


SPR 1 through 400

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Set of 25 Brass Valve Tag
  • RBVT
  • 1+22.90
  • 5+21.90
  • 10+19.80
  • PM32

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Valve Tag Size Valve Tag Sequence and Material 1+ 5+ 10+
1-1/2" Set of 25 Brass Valve Tag $22.90 $21.90 $19.80

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Please Note:

Stock valve tags start from 001 and go up to 400. They are ordered in sequences of 25. If numbers above 400 are needed, please use our custom sequential valve tags page. If you need valve tags that have a different criteria other than 2 lines with 1/4" top text and 1/2" bottom text with a sequence of less than 25, then please use our custom Non-Sequential valve tags page.

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