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  • EZ Pipe Marker Applicator ideal for use with Brimar's EZ Pipe Markers, EZ Arrows, System #5 High Temp Markers, System #2 Markers and Duct Markers.
  • The new way to apply elevated adhesive labels from the safety of the ground. No more dangerous and time consuming ladders, lifts or scaffolding
  • Applicator pole extends up to 8 feet, making it the ideal tool for fast applications without using ladders, scaffolds or lifts.
  • Our applicator's stainless steel frame and construction grade rollers are built to last.

Pipe Label ApplicatorEZ Pipe Marker Applicators

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Apply labels up to 14' from the safety of the ground. Load, Lift & Label. It's just that simple

Stainless Steel Frame with Extendable Pole L3TOOL-small.png
  • Marker Size
  • Letter Size
  • L3TOOL
  • L3TOOL
  • 1200.00

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Material / Size Item Description Item Number 1+
8ft long Stainless Steel Frame with Extendable Pole L3TOOL $200.00

Please Note:

Non-conductive lightweight fiberglass pole with a steel applicator head extends up to 8' for ground level application of EZ Pipe Markers and EZ Arrows.

EZ Pipe Marker Applicator Instructions

Play the video to view step by step instructions on how to use our label applicator.