System 3 Pipe Markers

A larger configuration of Markers on a Roll. These markers come in 30 feet long rolls and are also available in 2 sizes; Style Small is 8" x 30 ft with 3/4" text and approximately 240 legend repetitions (including arrows); the second size is Style Large, which is 12" x 30 ft long with 1-1/4" text and approximately 144 legend repetitions (including arrows). On both styles the legends alternate so arrows can point in either direction. Brimar's specially formulated adhesive is applied with a heavy coating to ensure adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Apply markers ONLY to clean and dry surfaces. System #3 Pipe Markers™ comply with ANSI & ASME A13.1 2015 Standard.
Durability: 4 to 5 years Mid Continental US
Service Temp: -20 to 200° F (-29° C to 93° C)
Minimum Application Temp: 50° F
Surface Prep: Clean and Dry
Spec Compliance: ANSI / ASME A13.1 2015