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  • System #5 Polyester Polyester Pipe Markers are used to identify piping systems in industrial environments that are expected to reach higher temperatures or high exposure to chemicals. Markers are constructed using a 2 mil polyester with a 1 mil polyester overlam. Polyester offers superior temperature, chemical and UV resistance compared to vinyl markers.
  • Brimar's specially formulated adhesive is applied with a heavy coating to ensure adhesion to a variety of surfaces.
  • Clean, Dry Surface and 50° F required for installation.
  • Markers comply with the ANSI / ASME A13.1 2015 standard if used in conjunction with arrows.

NITROGENSystem 5 High Temp Markers

Unit Price


Total Cost

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Polyester Label Style 1SM P531.png
  • Marker Size1-1/8 x 8"
  • Letter Size3/4"
  • 1SM-5
  • P5311SM
  • 11.90
  • 1001.80
  • 2001.70
  • PM60

Quantity Pricing

Recomm. Pipe Outside Diameter Item Style and Description Item Number 1+ 100+ 200+
1-1/2" to 2-38" Polyester Label Style 1SM P5311SM $1.90 $1.80 $1.70

Please Note:

To be in compliance with ANSI / ASME A13.1 2015, the use of directional arrows for pipe flow identification is required with System 5 Markers. In our shopping cart we will offer you an option to add EZ Arrows for all the System 5 markers ordered.