EZ Medical Gas Pipe Markers

EZ Medical Gas Pipe Markers comply with the NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code and CGA C-9 Standard Color Marking of Compressed Gas Containers for Medical Use. EZ Medical Gas Markers are made from durable outdoor grade vinyl and aggressive acrylic adhesive for pipes ranging from 3/4" through 7-7/8" in diameter. Your EZ medical gas pipe markers ensure adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Clean and dry surfaces are required for installation. EZ medical gas pipe markers comply with ANSI & ASME A13.1 standards if used in conjunction with arrows sold separately.
Durability: 4 to 5 years Mid Continental US
Service Temp: -20° to 200° F (-29° C to 93° C)
Minimum Application Temp: 50° F
Surface Prep: Clean & Dry
Spec Compliance: NFPA 99 & CGA C-9

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