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AMMONIA EZ MARKERS™ (Stick On Pipe Labels)

  1. These markers were developed to help contractors comply with ANSI/ASME A13.1 standards for piping identification and IIAR's recommended guidelines, Bulletin #114 2014 Revision. Each marker is printed with the appropriate abbreviation, the corresponding physical state & pressure level, and the necessary directional flow arrow. Thereby allowing the installer to mark each location with one quick and easy step.
  2. Self adhesive markers you peel and stick
  3. Markers' adhesive has been formulated with an extra heavy coating to ensure adhesion to a variety of different pipe and insulation surfaces.
  4. Durability: 4 to 5 years outdoors Mid Continental US
  5. Service Temp: -20 to 200° F
  6. Minimum Application Temp: 50° F
  7. Surface Prep: Clean & Dry
  8. Spec Compliance: IIAR's Guideline Bul. #114 2014 Revision
Illust. of Ammonia Marker for Pipe OD of .75 to 2 inches

AMMONIA SYSTEM #4 MARKERS™ (High Temperature Wrap Around & Strap On Markers)

Sizes AN4B, AN4E and AN4F are constructed using a 5 mil polyester with a 1 mil clear polyester overlam. These markers are affixed to themselves with a clear high performance sealing strip. Size AN4H is supplied as a 2 mil polyester label mounted to a .032" thick high temperature white aluminum carrier. Polyester offers superior chemical and temperature resistance to vinyl markers. Sizes AN4B, AN4E and AN4F offer 360° visibility. Size AN4H is secured to pipes using stainless steel strapping or nylon straps. (S.S. Strapping & nylon straps are sold separately)

  • High temp resistant 248° F
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • 360° Visibility
  • No Pipe Preparation (wrap around or strap on, simple as that).
  • Markers include arrows
  1. Durability: 5 to 8 years outdoors Mid Continental US
  2. Service Temp: -40 to 248° F
  3. Minimum Application Temp: None
  4. Spec Compliance: IIAR Bulletin #114 2014 Revision

Illustration of Ammonia Pipe Marker Wrap Around

Ammonia System #4 Wrap Around
Marker includes directional arrows

Illustration of Ammonia Pipe Marker Strap On

Ammonia System #4 Strap On
Marker includes a detached directional arrow


Ammonia pipe markers will contain or be divided in 5 section or components:

  1. Abbreviation Section: Printed in black
  2. Physical State Section: Either LIQUID or VAPOR
    Printed in yellow for Liquid and sky blue for Vapor
  3. Marker Body: Body color to be Safety Orange and contain the refrigerant "AMMONIA" printed in black
  4. Pressure Level Section: Either LOW or HIGH.
    Pressure in excess of 70 psig will be considered to be high pressure and printed in black letters on a red band.
    Pressure equal to or less than 70 psig will be considered to be low pressure and printed in black on a green band.
  5. Directional Arrow: Detachable arrow printed in black
Ammonia Marker Sections