NFPA 99C 2002

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NFPA 99C 2002 Edition

  • Piping should be labeled by means of stenciling or adhesive markers that identify the system.
  • Pipe labels should show the name of the gas/vacuum system or the chemical symbol
  • Pipe labels should show the name of the gas/vacuum system or the chemical symbol
  • Color identification of piping used should be in accordance with the gases and colors indicated in CGA Pamphlet C-9
  • Service outlets and inlets should be identified as to the name or chemical symbol for the specific gas or vacuum provided

Pipe labels should be located as follows:

  • At intervals of not more than 20 feet
  • At least once in or above every room or area
  • On both sides of walls or partitions penetrated by the piping
  • At least once in every story height traversed by risers
  • Flow arrows should point from the station inlet toward the receiver or pump (Vacuum Systems)
  • Flow arrows should point from the terminal to the vacuum producer (WAGD Systems)

CGA Pamphlet C-9 1988

This standard sets forth color uniformity for the identification and marking of medical equipment intended for use with specific medical gases. Colors shown on the table below should be used on containers which are intended for medical use color marked according to the gases they contained.

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NFPA 99 TABLE 5.1.11 Standard Designation Colors and Operating Pressures for Gas and Vacuum Systems
Medical Air Med Air Medical Air is Yellow/Black Yellow / Black 50-55 psi
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Carbon Dioxide is Gray/White Gray / Black or Gray / White 50-55 psi
Helium He Helium is Brown/White Brown / White 50-55 psi
Nitrogen N2 Nitrogen is Black/White Black / White 160-185 psi
Nitrous Oxide N2O Nitrous Oxide is Blue/White Blue / White 50-55 psi
Oxygen O2 Oxygen is Green/White Green /White or White/Green 50-55 psi
Oxygen /
Carbon Dioxide Mixtures
O2 / CO2 n%
(n is % of CO2)
Green/White Green / White 50-55 psi
Medical - Surgical Vacuum Med Vac Medical Vacuum is White/Black White / Black 15 in to 30 in HgV
Waste Anaesthetic Gas Disposal WAGD WAGD is Purple/White Purple / White Varies w/system type
Other Mixtures Gas A%
Gas B%
Colors as above
(Major gas for bkgd / minor gas for text)
Non-Medical Air
(Level 3 gas-powered device)
Non Medical Air is Yellow stripes with /Black text Yellow with White diagonal stripe / Black None
Non-Medical and
Level 3 Vacuum
  Black stripes with Black text White and Black diagonal stripe / Black boxed None
Laboratory Air Laboratory Air is Yellow checker with Black text Yellow and White checkerboard / Black None
Laboratory Vacuum Laboratory Vacuum is Black checker with Black text White and Black checkerboard / Black boxed None
Instrument Air Instrument Air is Red/White Red / White 160-185 psi