Free Take Off Service

Brimar's Take Off Service is available free to any contractor who would like to buy pipe markers and tags from Brimar but just doesn't have the time to develop the list.

The Take Off Service is FREE, provided you buy the pipe markers and tags from Brimar; otherwise the service is billed at $45.00/hr. If you are not familiar with Brimar's competitive prices, we suggest you solicit unit prices prior to presenting us with the plans and specs.

To make a Take Off, Brimar needs:

  1. Plan Drawings
  2. ID Spec
  3. Pipe Insulation schedule

Please allow for 2 to 3 weeks from the time we receive the drawings until we provide your project quote.

Advantages of Brimar's Take Off Service:

  1. Competitive price quote
  2. Detailed list of ID marking products, per job number and location
  3. Submittal data sheets for all products quoted by Brimar

Fill out form below to request Take Off Service and then mail out your drawings to:

Customer Service

Phone: 800-274-6271

Fax: 800-279-6897



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