1/16" Thick Engraved Phenolic Nameplate

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Special Instructions

Custom engraved phenolic nameplates are ideal for product identification, warning plates, and instruction legends.

Phenolic nameplates have a few distinct advantages over other materials:

  • Manufactured from 1/16" thick phenolic plastic
  • Feature a low glare finish
  • Certified to be electrically non-conductive
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, and abrasions
  • Fire retardant / non-flammable
  • Text is permanently engraved into the surface
  • Multiple mounting options including adhesive backing, mounting holes, or both
  • The adhesive backing option is in LEED compliance with SCAQMD rule #1168 and GS-36 pertaining to VOC levels
  • Conforms to Military Spec LP-387A Type N.D.P. LP-509

Please note that phenolic name plates are not recommended for outdoor use.










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