System 1 Medical Gas Pipe Markers

System #1 Medical Gas Pipe Markers conform with the NFPA 99 2018 Health Care Facilities Code and CGA C-9 2013 Standard Color Marking of Compressed Gas Containers for Medical Use. Wrap around medical gas pipe markers are made from durable outdoor grade PVC vinyl and printed with UV inks for pipes ranging from 3/8" through 3-1/4" in diameter. Your wrap around medical gas pipe markers simply uncoil by hand and automatically recoil around the pipe. Advantages of System #1 medical gas pipe markers: no pipe preparation, 360° visibility, speed of installation, arrows included and overall better appearance.
Durability: 4 to 5 years Mid Continental US
Service Temp: -40° to 160° F (-40° C to 71° C) Not recommended for use in environments or on pipes constantly above 180° F.
Spec Compliance: NFPA 99 2018 & CGA C-9 2013

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