Round, Square, Octagon, Triangle

Stamped Individual Aluminum TagsStamped Non-Sequential Aluminum Valve Tags: Use this page to order tags that are one of a kind, in round, square, octagon or triangle shapes.

Available in 1-1/2" & 2". Text sizes range from 1 line at 1/4" to 3 lines at 1/4" and can be ordered individually or in consecutive ranges. To learn how to order valve tags from this page, view instructions below under "Product Details". See Pricing Below

3. Select Tag Configuration: Individual, single range, multiple range

Valve Tags with Variable Information (Range)

For valve tags with sequential information (starting and ending number)

One of a Kind Valve Tag

For unique valve tags which do not have variable information

Line 1 Copy*
Starting Number*
Ending Number*
Characters Allowed for :1-1/2" - Round Aluminum

Line 1 at 1/4" only allows 5 characters maximum

4. Special Instructions - Comments

5. Enter Quantity In Set(s)

Enter starting and ending numbers above to tell us how many tags will be your set. You'll then be able to enter a quantity to add the tags to your cart.

Quantity Pricing

Valve Tag Size Item Number Item Description and Material 1 - 99 Tags 100 - 249 Tags 250+
1-1/2" Round Aluminum RAVT-1.5-NS $3.26 $3.00 $2.76

Need to upload List of Non SequentialA Set?

Download the Excel template and fill it out. This file contains all the required fields your list should have and can be used as a template.
When you're done, email it to us at and we'll contact you with a price quote.

Product Details

To Order Custom Non-Sequential or Individual Valve Tags:
1. Select valve tag size and shape (1-1/2" or 2", Round, Square, Octagon, Triangle)
2. Select number of text lines and text size.
3. Select Tag Configuration: One of a kind or Variable Information.
3.1. Choose "One of a Kind" valve tag configuration for tags with unique information.
3.2. Choose Tags with "Variable Information" for tags with sequential information.
3.3. Type in your custom information in the fields provided.
3.4. If you selected tags with "Variable Information" then click the "Calculate Range" button for the system to fill in the quantity and the Add to Cart button to appear.
4. Please note these valve tags are stamped which means there are limitations to the number of characters allowed. For reference please see above "Characters Allowed"
6. If you have any special instructions use the Comments field.
7. To order accessories see below.

Recommended Accessories


SKU Item Description 1+
BCSS #6 Stainless Steel Beaded Chain 4.5" long with locking link (100/Pkg) 25.50

SKU Item Description 1+
SSJC #16 Stainless Steel Jack Chain 50 ft of chain per package 57.00

SKU Item Description 1+
SS2 Stainless Steel "S" Hooks (100/Pkg) 51.95
Nylon Ties

SKU Item Description 1+
NT6 6" long White Nylon Tie. 100/Pkg 5.95
NT8 8" long White Nylon Tie. 100/Pkg 6.95
NT34 34" Long Black Nylon Tie Sold Individually 0.90
NT48 48" Long Black Nylon Tie Sold Individually 1.45

SKU Item Description 1+
SSS 10" Long Stainless Steel Wire Lead Seals 100/Pkg 37.45
Valve Tag Chart

SKU Item Description 1+
VC1 8-1/2 x 11" Aluminum Valve Tag Chart 23.65
VC2 8-1/2 x 11" Plastic Valve Tag Chart 15.50

SKU Item Description 1+
Z001 2-1/2" Zinc Hooks. Sold in packages of 100 20.65
Stainless Screws

SKU Item Description 1+
SCRW1 6 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Screws (10/Pkg) 5.25
SCRW2 8 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Screws (10/Pkg) 5.50
SCRW5 6-32 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Screws (10/Pkg) 5.75
SCRW6 8-32 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Screws (10/Pkg) 6.00

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